Puro BT2200 Headphones – Review


You hear that?

Neither do I, but, I do have something to tell you about some headphones. The Puro are designed with kids in mind, so I had my six-year-old help me with them. He’s only talkative when it comes to Mario Kart and Angry Birds, so I’ll put his honest albeit brief input along side of mine.


Overall, the Puro BT2200 has a premium look and feel. They come in a  velour case The leather on the headrest and the ear cups is soft. It’s really, really soft. The aluminum on the ear cups is a brushed aluminum. It is probably the one part that I think could have been a little bit better. The feel of them comes off a bit cheap, but contrasted against the leather it makes for a cohesive design. There are letter inside to let you know which ear goes where.

The left ear cup is where are the buttons and connectors for the headphones reside. There is an on/off switch, Bluetooth button, and volume rockers. There’s also the 35mm jack and micro USB connector for charging.



I asked my son how he thought they looked and felt, and he responded that he liked they were soft on his ears and the looked cool. ( I told you he was a big talker)

Technology & Sound

The Puro BT2200 has differentiated itself by making its target audience children and consequently their parents. These headphones are created with sound control built-in. They will not go above 85db, which is considered a safe listening decibel for a prolonged period of time. The bluetooth on the BT2200 is good, and works  for a distance of up to 30 feet. I found that it’s a pretty good connection and once you reach the limits of it, you’ll experience some interference in the sound until you return back into range. Now, while these are wireless, they also come with a 3.5 mm cable that contains the same decibel controlled technology, so as to deliver a consistent listening experience.

While listening to the BT2200 headphones I did notice that music is delivered with a good level of bass. Mids and highs aren’t as audible as the bass, but given the current market of bass heavy headphones, they are good enough to not detract from the experience. According to my son, the sound is good (I’m trying to get him to be a bit more descriptive). They happen to do a bit of  noise cancelling, as background noise is limited while wearing them. Now it isn’t a full noise cancelling mode, but it does count down on ambient noise, enough that I need to speak at an elevated tone when my son is playing his 2DS wearing the headphones.



Another piece of technology, that doesn’t exactly come packaged with the Puro BT2200 headphones, but can be an integral piece in your listening experience is the Puro. The app, which only available for iOS, takes your music library and allows you to tweak the EQ settings or select from 16 presets ranging from Bass Boost to Country. There’s enough to choose from to cater to your favorite genre.



I think that these a great set of headphones for the target demographic, children. As a father of four, I’d be happy to get these for my kids, especially with the sound control that they have. For me, they aren’t loud enough, but, maybe that’s because I’ve already done the damage to my ears and need a little something more. Who knows? The price for these is competitive to most other brands aiming for the premium moniker. At $79.99 these severely undercut the direct competition most kids will probably ask for, Beats by Dre Solo, which retail for $199.95.


  • Comfortable
  • Sound level control technology
  • Bluetooth
  • Price


  • Not an overall balanced sound
  • Not as many color options for personalization

If you’re looking for a set to get for your kids, I would honestly say give Puro a buy. The price and technology make them a viable option. If you are looking for some for yourself, I think you’d be better to keep looking.


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