Curve Ahead – LG G Flex Review (AT&T)

LG G Flex1

So LG has a pretty good thing going with its G line of smartphones, and one of those is the LG G Flex, which I’ll just call the Flex from now on. The flex stands out from its fellow G phones by having a curve in the screen. Let’s dive a little bit deeper.



As I mentioned before, the Flex has a curved screen, which measures in at a hefty six-inches. I must admit, in my opinion, the screen size is huge. LG recognized this and added a few features to make using the Flex more accessible. Options like the ability to move the dialer, keyboard, lock screen, and even the front touch buttons, help the usability of the six-inch screen.

Lg G Flex7

It also is a POLED screen, which is different from the traditional OLED screen by being made out of plastic rather than glass. With the curvature of this screen, another piece of the phone inevitably gets curved as well, the battery. Most phones that previously had any curvature in their screens kept that traditional flat battery, but LG decided to go for the complete curve and added it from front to back. The phone is light but given its size, you would assume it would weigh more.



LG G Flex9

On the software side of things, the Flex is running the latest version of Android, 4.4.2. There are a few things that LG added to try to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Among the additions is one that really stood out to me, Dual Window, which is the ability to run two apps at the same time in the window.

As a blogger, that convenience is something that can’t be overlooked in everyday life. In the dual window mode you can use the slider in the middle to change how much of which app you can see. Google Now launcher, you can also launch the LG memo app. There are other proprietary apps, many of which mirror apps that Google makes, but since it is a LG device, you should come to expect them to push their versions.



The LG G Flex is a good phone, and adds to the G Series phones from LG. A large vibrant screen, and excellent battery life, will be a few of the reasons to pick this one up. Love to watch TV/movies on your mobile device? You will love watching it on the screen. On the contrary, the screen size is also its biggest flaw, as most people still desire single-handed use, and navigating a six-inch screen with one hand can be a bit taxing. That said, the G Flex is a good buy if you like the larger screen phone.




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