T-Mobile’s New Play for Wireless Supremacy

T-Mobile Press Event - Un-carrier 4.0

So here’s some of the biggest news so far at CES, given by CEO John Legere during the T-Mobile keynote when he announced that T-Mo would pay the ETF (early termination fee) for people to switch to their network.

Here’s the back story, T-Mobile has been on the warpath recently about how the wireless industry needs to be shaken up. Carriers are largely at fault and are doing a major disservice to consumers. So rewind to last year, when T-Mobile steps up to announce the UN-Carrier model, customers don’t have set plans, they can upgrade their phone sooner, and where “unlimited” means “unlimited”. Fast forward to 2014, and T-Mobile is willing to put their money where their mouth is literally. By offering rival customers up to $650 to switch to T-Mobile. One of their talking points is that according to you the consumer, T-Mobile actually has the fastest 4G in the country.

T-Mobile Press Event - Un-carrier 4.0So what will this new cannon fodder in the world of wireless do to the other carriers? Well, AT&$T tried to preemptively lure T-Mo customers away just last week, by offering up to $450 to switch to AT&T. Verizon and Sprint haven’t responded as of yet, but if this announcement has the effect that T-Mobile’s first round of Un-Carrier news did, we may see other companies following suit very, very soon.

So who’s switching? Comment below, as to whether or not this might work for you (I might have to seriously consider it myself).


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