Google Wallet Competitor – Isis – Launches Today on Verizon


Mobile devices aren’t slowing down in their growth, and the uses of mobile devices aren’t slowing down. Today another option for mobile payments launches, Isis. Isis Mobile Wallet, by which it is officially known, uses NFC (Near Field Communication) to pay for a myriad of things from sodas at vending machines, to gas at the pump.  You be able to add your debit/credit cards for use with Isis in order to make these purchases. The app will be secured by a PIN number set by the user.

The only thing about this is that Google Wallet has been available for Nexus devices, with a few other Android devices for a while. The difference is, that on Verizon, it has always been blocked because of their proprietary mobile payment system, Isis, which just launched today. Isis is a joint venture by AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. So when somebody tells you that cellphone companies don’t get along, here’s your sign.


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