Qualcomm To Release Toq Smartwatch

Toq smartwatch wht_blk

Smartwatches, they’re all the rage now, and the trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. From Kickstarter darling Pebble, to the Samsung Galaxy Gear, companies are bringing devices to make us tick. Well, if those are the tick, here’s the Toq (I had to get it in somewhere). The Toq smartwatch by Qualcomm is looking to be the other end of the pendulum of the category.

The Toq is coming from Qualcomm, a company better known for the Snapdragon processors that power smartphones and tablets. It will be Qualcomm both in and out. The display is a color, e-ink Mirasol display for better viewing angles outdoors. Qualcomm has made this device with a new charging tech WiPower LE technology, which promises a true “drop and go” experience. It will be able to sync with your smartphone through a Toq app. Not to be forgotten, audio will be handled by a true wireless headset (that is, it requires to cords for charging either). The headset is purported to last all day on one charge.

The Toq smartwatch will be compatible with Android phones running 4.0.3, and launch later this year.

via ~ CNET

Source – Qualcomm


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