Now BlackBerry’s Prepping a 5-inch Smartphone?


Not to be left in relegation when it comes to phone size, BlackBerry has possible plans to up their display to the new smartphone median of 5 inches according to mobile industry analyst Peter Misek, as reported by StreetInsider. Also slated to come from BlackBerry is a mid range phone and at least two to three more BlackBerry 10 models.

Now with the reintroduction of BlackBerry to the world, the thought could be to return to the formula they had previously, that is, multiple phones in different styles and price points. I’d argue that they should probably stick to a small list of options and keep the OS in the forefront. As for more devices, maybe the rumored 10-inch PlayBook tablet will be announced at BlackBerry World this year. Or even better, maybe the 7-inch PlayBook will see BB10 before the other devices are released this year?

via ~ CrackBerry

Source ~ StreetInsider


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