Are T-Mobile’s UnCarrier Plans Contagious?

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Recently, T-Mobile turned off the switch on the traditional carrier model, of offering steep discounts on devices in exchange for two years of your loyalty to its company, and began to offer  no contracts on phones. The catch is that the consumer pays for the device up front, or split over the life of their plan, something T-Mobile will have to further explain to their customers. We have yet to see what the effects of T-Mobile’s actions have had on their company, but that hasn’t stopped other wireless carriers from taking notice. Earlier this week, Verizon CEO, Lowell McAdam said “I’m happy when I see something different tried.”, regarding T-Mobile’s choice to drop the current model, and, “We can react quickly to consumers’ shifting needs.”. From the sounds of it McAdam is willing to change Verizon’s approach if his customers demand it. Hey, he’s done it just recently with the shared data plans. Maybe, T-mobile stumbled upon the next evolution in the wireless carrier landscape. All we can do is wait this one out, one or two-year contracts at a time.

via ~ BGR

Source ~ CNET


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