Walmart Bringing iPhones to Straight Talk Prepaid


Walmart is the latest to offer the iPhone 5 on a budget friendly network, Straight Talk. Announcing that they will also be bringing the iPhone 4, Walmart is looking to feel the benefits of having the iPhone available in their stores. At $45 a month for unlimited  talk, text, and data, you can see how they couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Now, the iPhone 5 is the 16GB version, and the iPhone 4 is the 8GB version, coming in at $649 and $449 respectively.

As with most things that sound like a really good deal, there is always a catch. The kicker here is that if you want to spread out that big phone price, that you can get a shiny new Walmart credit card that will only charge you $25 a month on, in addition to your $45 monthly  plan price. Availability is set for this coming Friday, so if you frequent Wally’s World, and happen to need a new/backup phone maybe this is the deal for you.


P.S. – You might want to brush up on your jailbreaking skills, as you will need them if you desire to use MMS.


via ~ AppleInsider


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