Samsung Galaxy Camera – Headed to Verizon on Dec. 13th


So if you haven’t heard of the Samsung Galaxy Camera, let me give you a brief introduction. The Galaxy Camera is a recent addition to the Galaxy line of products from Samsung, and yes, you guessed it, also a camera. The thing about this phone is that it runs Android. Yes, the very same Android that your smartphone and tablet run.

The Galaxy Cam (as I will now call it) has a 4.8″ SCLCD display that is about the size of your brand new Galaxy S III. It will also come with “Jelly Bean” installed, which I assume will be 4.1, not the more recent 4.1.2. Fitted with 4G LTE inside, the Galaxy Cam will have no problem uploading all your favorite photos to your favorite social network, or if you’re like me, those frequent blog posts.

The Galaxy Cam will be available online starting on Dec. 13, for $549.99, and will come in White and Verizon exclusive Cobalt Black. Now, if you have a Share Everything Plan, you can now add the Galaxy Cam to your account for an additional $5 a month.


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