Dell’s New XPS 12 Convertible Ultrabook

Windows as we know it changing, that much it sure, but what we don’t know is how the computing experience will be  as soon as Windows 8 is released. The fact is that Microsoft is moving toward a more touch based OS. Their shining star is their soon to be released line of Surface tablets. What will be interesting to see is how Microsoft’s manufacturing partners approach this new change in direction.

Dell has just announced one of their newest Ultrabooks, the XPS 12. This is a reworking of the previous convertible offered by Dell, the Inspiron Duo Tablet PC. The XPS 12 pricing will start at $1,199.99. Below is a quick introduction video of the XPS 12.


The reason this is important is that even though OEMs have done touch based laptops and convertibles, that with the changes in Windows, this may be a big source of moving toward the post-PC (or PC+, or whatever you want to call it) era. While more laptops are being shipped without optical drive, and are coming with a SSD, instead of a traditional hard drive with moving parts, the convertible will be the most important thing to Windows 8. Multipurpose devices will ensure that Windows users will be more accepting of this change in computing. Personally, I think convertibles will be the future of all computing. Only time will tell.


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