HTC Announces New Windows Phones – 8X and 8S

Many times device manufacturers find themselves in the necessary position of coming up with new products. During this process, undoubtedly there are many design elements that could come to fruition. Some never see the light of day. Other elements are so good in fact that they become essential to the brand. Sometimes, your first step in a new direction spawns the change that can bring a company, on a downward spiral, back to the top. Today, HTC and Microsoft have announced two new Windows Phones, the HTC 8X and 8S. If these names sound kind of familiar, then good, HTC has accomplished some of what they’ve set out to accomplish.

Earlier this year they released the One series of phones running on Android. Now they have taken the some of the same design cues and added that to, the new and improved, Windows Phone 8. This is a very intentional  move by HTC to try to return to the upper echelon of smart phone hardware, something that their sales point . This also is a direct shot across the bow of what could be seen as the preeminent Windows Phone partner Nokia. The 8X and 8S come in a bevy of colors, and rival the build quality of the recently announced Lumia 920 and 820. HTC is showing that it is not willing to put all its chips in the Android basket, and is a strong partner on which Microsoft can depend .


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