Accessory Review – FlyGrip

In the ever-evolving world of cell phones and mobile devices, we see a wide variety of phone designs. Some with rounded edges, HD displays, curved screens, and unibody frames. One area often overlook by manufacturers is how do I hold my phone? How else can I consume the content without holding the device in my hand? One company seems to have an idea, FlyGrip. FlyGrip is an adhesive stand/holder for your tablet or smartphone.

One of the best things about the FlyGrip is that it is an incredibly easy product to use, just firmly press it to the back of your device, and you’re all set to go. I have use it for a while now and it definitely comes in handy. Want to watch a movie on your phone but don’t want to hold it in you hand? Done. Browsing the internet? Done. The FlyGrip does what it needs to in order to free up you hands for stable use.

Another design of the FlyGrip is the grooves built into it. The grooves are designed for making one-handed use more effortless and efficient. You rest your fingers in the grooves and the device gives a more natural feel to holding your device. Personally, I use my devices with a  two-handed approach, but using it with one hand it felt comfortable. Now, I’ve tested this on a smartphone and not a tablet, but I would assume the max size of tablet ideally would be 7-inches.

A few things about it do bother me. The Flygrip does not take into account the different designs of devices, with bevels, dips, and ridges, the FlyGrip can’t be placed in their ideal desired location, which is flush to the bottom of your device. I have a Droid Incredible and the comfortability of its placement for me, led me to notice that there is dust build-up at the bottom. The next thing is the price, $29.95. I know, you’re saying that price isn’t that bad, but seeing how this accessory is one of many aftermarket stands/holders, you have to take into account its price.

Taking everything in to account, I would give the FlyGrip a try. Unfortunately, you have to buy it before you try it, but I would say if you aren’t satisfied, you could re-gift it to someone else. If you have more than one device, then use the one with the FlyGrip solely for media consumption, where a stand is beneficial. You can find out more about the FlyGrip and purchase one here.

One thought on “Accessory Review – FlyGrip

  1. I know what you mean about not conforming to all devices. I have a Droid with a bump on the bottom of the phone, but the flygrip on one of their tpu cases (free), works fine. The tpu case compensates for any curve in the phone design. have it for 2 months so far. Love it.

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