Verizon Share Everything Plans, Now Officially Official

Today Verizon has finally lifted the veil off of its highly anticipated (by some) shared data plans. The new Share Everything Plans are available for basic phones, smartphones, and tablets. The new plans will be available on June 28th to new and existing customers.

Apparently, Verizon customers have been clamoring for this type of plan for a while now, and Big Red is more than happy to oblige them. Below is a chart showing the pricing breakdown of the new plans.


Verizon is putting more emphasis on smartphone users, and seeing how that’s were the biggest boom in mobile connectivity is happening, it makes sense. The unfortunate nature of finally being able to pay for one data package on a family plan is that you end up getting less data. Currently smartphone owners could potentially have two smartphones on a plan, with unlimited data only costing $60 a month. Fast forward to the end of June, and $60 gets you 2GB of data for two smartphones.

More info can be found on the new Share Everything Plans from Verizon here.


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