Samsung Galaxy S III Launches on Five Major US Carriers

Not content with their previous launch and sale numbers, Samsung is looking to make some serious headway in the launch of its flagship Galaxy S III. The Galaxy S III will launch on five US carriers at the same time, later this month. Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and US Cellular round out the carriers to receive Samsung’s latest and greatest.

How is this all possible? Easy.

Samsung is easily the most productive manufacturer of smartphones today, and with the numbers their Galaxy S and Galaxy S II lines put up globally, they stand in a pretty good position to pull this off. The best part about it is that Samsung supposedly will have a untampered device, meaning it will look the same, and hopefully have the same name on every carrier. Pricing is set starting at $199 with each carrier announcing the specifics in the next few weeks.




  • Sprint – 6/5 pre-order, 6/21 in stores (includes Google Wallet)
  • T-Mobile – 6/21 in stores
  • Verizon – 6/6 pre-order for
  • US Cellular – 6/12 pre-order, in stores July

Pricing for all is set at $200 for the 16GB model and $250 for the 32GB model.



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