Facebook Prepping an Entry into Smartphones?

According to a report by NYTimes reporter Nick Bulton, Facebook is aligning the necessary elements to make a play in the increasingly competitive (just joking) smartphone space. This isn’t really a surprise since Facebook has been trying to get itself into the mobile manufacturing business for at least the last two years, with no success. The report goes on to state that former Apple hardware engineers for the iPhone and iPad have joined the Facebook staff to tackle this project.

Facebook will more than likely run their OS on top of Android, like other manufacturers like Amazon’s Kindle Fire. When the Kindle Fire launched, it was noted that it was a stark contrast to what others were doing with Android, and what they did was enough for them to make a splash in the “Android tablet”category. Facebook has the potential to do the same with the smartphone. They just purchased photo app Instagram, and released their own Facebook Camera app. They have a wide user base in the gaming arena, and could combine it like the PS Vita and the PS3. If you take some of the desktop additions for Facebook, like Messenger (with Skype functionality) and  Email, then Facebook has a very nice base on which they can build.

The only thing it comes down to is their ability to deliver. Launching their IPO is a sign of their confidence. Zuckerberg fully believes he can project Facebook as a profitable commodity. One way to bring in more revenue is to offer a piece of hardware, whether that be a  smartphone or a tablet. The reality of the situation is this, if Facebook plans to keep investors of their recently launched IPO happy, they had better pull out all the stops on this project.

via ~ TheNextWeb

Source ~ NYTimes


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