Google Picks New Head of Motorola

The face and voice of numerous Motorola presentations and device launches, CEO Sanjay Jha, is set to be replaced at the helm of Motorola. Whoa. It seems that since the acquisition of Motorola has been approved, that Google is seemingly looking to flex its vision and focus into Motorola in a very direct manner.

Now before the naysayers cry foul, and say that other OEMs will have to be on the lookout, know this, Google doesn’t want to run it all. Don’t believe me, take a look the Kindle Fire and Nook devices. Will they have a better way to leverage their view of Android definitely, anyone who thinks this acquisition was only about patents is dimwitted. Google wants to have a venue to go from the labs, to the stores, and this was a first step in that direction.


via ~ AllThingsD


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