Barnes & Noble Nook Shuffle – Nook Tablet $199, Nook Color $169

Today is a momentous day for Barnes & Noble. In a sense, it was something that we all should have seen coming especially after the Kindle Fire from Amazon launched, the Nook Tablet has acquired a 8 GB variation,and it is coming in at a price of $199. Yep, that’s right, Barnes & Noble is looking to attack the beast that is the Kindle Fire with direct competition.

The Kindle Fire has become the best-selling Android tablet for a reason, mainly price. It doesn’t hurt that they have one hell of an ecosystem in place either. Barnes & Noble has seen this and wants in on some of the action. Hard to believe that two tablets built using Android, but without the slightest nod to its origin, are possibly two of the best-selling Android tablets, ever.

Now if you’re wondering where that puts the Nook Color, rest easy, it still exists. The Nook Color has dropped down to  $169. With the ability to read books, and the additions of new apps, the Nook Color is still a viable candidate for an Android tablet, especially with a little help from the Cyanogenmod team.


via ~ Barnes & Noble


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