RUMOR ALERT! New Xbox and Playstation to be Shown at E3

Have you been waiting for that new Xbox or Playstation? Tired of playing on systems that still have plenty of life left in them? Ok, well that last question is debatable, but apparently Microsoft and Sony have decided that now is a good time to take the veil off their new systems. Last year Nintendo announced the Wii U, the gaming company’s forray into HD connections and a funky tablet controller thing. Wii sales have been on a decline and Nintendo hopes that the Wii U will change that. Expect to see the Wii U later this year. Rumors of the Xbox 720 have been swirling around a lot recently, with the current one including DVR like functionality built-in to the console. Now with these console being shown this year, my guess is that we can expect them by Christmas of 2013. June can’t come soon enough this year for gamers.


via ~ IGN


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