Samsung Infuse 4G Review

At the beginning of this year, after a few tech shows AT&T stated that they would be “doubling down” on Android devices. Since then, they have kept true to that statement, and one of their top-tier Android phones is the Samsung Infuse 4G. Here’s how it stacks up.


When the Samsung Infuse 4G was first announced, I thought that I was honestly, too big. The Infuse 4G display is hefty 4.5-inches of Super AMOLED The largest phones size I had heard of until that point was 4.3-inches. I had used the HTC Thunderbolt and thought that size was the “sweet spot” for screen sizes for smartphones. Since using the Infuse 4G, I can say that my opinion of the display size has changed. I’m not sure where the cut off should be but this phone feels great in the hand. The phone is light, but does have a more plastic feel to it. THe back of the device has a textured pattern, but the plastic feel doesn’t make that seem like it adds to the device.

Battery Life

The Infuse 4G has very good battery life. The 1750 mAh battery is more than enough to power this device through a full day of use. As with any Android phone, the more widgets you have running, the quicker your battery will drain. It’s the same scenario as when using a pc, the more programs that run at the same time, the more memory will be used. Subsequently, the battery gets used more to make sure the multiple processes run smoothly together. So, making thru an eight hour day of work is definitely doable, something some phone manufacturers need to work on.


So this phone is an Android phone, but the version it comes with is Android 2.2 (Froyo). I honestly was hoping that there would be a 2.3 (Gingerbread) update coming. That being said, the TouchWiz UI is one that adds some distinction to the Samsung line of devices.


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