Google and Samsung Postpone Nexus Prime Announcement

It seems that Google and Samsung have decided to postpone the announcement of their new Nexus Prime, that was teased a few days ago. The Nexus Prime is the first Android smartphone to ship with Ice Cream Sandwich, Google’s Android OS that combines features from tablets and phones, and was set to be announced next week at CTIA. The reason for this postponement is a result of the passing of Apple’s former CEO, Steve Jobs.

My immediate thought is, “that’s a classy move”, but then I think, “why would they do that?”. I wonder whether or not Google should have put on the business face and attack what was an underwhelming iPhone 4S announcement that was made earlier this week. The window was open for Google to swoop in and show of the latest and greatest it has to offer, and for one of few times recently, overshadow Apple. My question to you is, was that the right thing to do? I guess we’ll find out whenever the announcement is actually made.


via ~ AppleInsider


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