New BlackBerry 7 Devices

Research in Motion has announced the next smartphones in their BlackBerry lineup, the Bold 9900/9930, the Torch 9810, and the Torch 9850/9860. We’ve officially known about the BlackBerry 9900 since earlier this year, the Torch 9810 is a revamp of the Torch 9800 that debuted last fall, and the Torch 9850/9860 is essentially a Storm refresh. All of these BlackBerry 7 devices will boast a faster browser, one thing that BlackBerry smartphones have struggled with in the past. These new devices also come with Liquid Graphics technology. Liquid Graphics is essentially RIM’s optimization of the CPU, graphics processor, and display for a fluid user experience. So who’s excited about the new line-up of BlackBerry smartphones? If you left the BlackBerry platform, is this enough to bring you back?

Press Release here


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