Google Looking to Buy Hulu?

According to the Los Angeles Times, it seems as if Google is in active talks to purchase the internet TV powerhouse Hulu. The talks are still in the preliminary stages, and Google is not the only one interested in purchasing Hulu, Microsoft and Yahoo are also interested. The main draw according to the article is ad revenue. Hulu has an incredible list of clients who advertise with them, and Google sees that potential.

A Google acquisition wouldn’t necessarily mean complete absorption of Hulu, it still has the choice to leave it as is and just implement its Google touch on it. I think the addition of Hulu would definitely be a plus for the seldom mentioned Google TV. The possibility of that integration would almost certainly be a problem for the cable and satellite providers. All we can do is wait and see what comes from these talks, but I think Google will approach this very aggressively, especially with those new Apple TV rumors floating around.

via ~ Android Central

Source ~ Los Angeles Times


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