Seesmic Ending BlackBerry Support

Ladies and gentlemen, this is indeed sad news for BlackBerry fans. Seesmic has announced that they will be ending support for the BlackBerry. According to their blog, they will discontinue support for BlackBerry devices in order to focus on their most popular platforms, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7. I must admit, I am a bit shocked that Windows Phone 7 is more popular than BlackBerry, at least in the area of social media. Seesmic is encouraging its users to switch platforms (ouch) in order to continue using their app. This is coming on top of the news that RIM is losing ground in the US versus other mobile platforms. Hopefully this won’t be a recurring trend with more BlackBerry developers, if so RIM might have to forget the consumer market all together and head back to business land.


via ~ Seesmic


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