Vizio Tablet Called VTab or Grab (Rumor)

The tablet that was teased during college football’s BCS title game, and shown at CES, has landed on the desk of the FCC in recent weeks. AndroidCentral obtained a photo of the display at Walmart that showed a price of $349. Blake Griffin went to YouTube to show off his Vizio setup, but more importantly the tablet we’ve been awaiting since January. Today on my personal Twitter account I received a response from a guy who calls himself the Vizio_Bandit, to a question, “what will Vizio’s tablet be called?”. Here was his answer:

I’m not sure how I feel about either name at this point. VTab seems simple enough, even though I figured it might have something with VIA in the name. The Vizio Grab sounds even more out of left field, but I could see the marketing saying something like “Grab & Go”. What do you guys think?

Update: It seems Vizio Tablet was the official name, hate it or love it.


via ~ Engadget, AndroidCentral, @CapnDAPPER


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