KIN TWOm for Free, Still no Windows Phone 7

Verizon wireless is letting their failed next step in Microsoft devices, the KIN family, go for sale for free. The reason this is so interesting to me is first, I honestly thought that VZW would have gotten rid of all the leftover product, especially after the last time they reintroduced the KIN ONEm & KIN TWOm.

The HTC Trophy has been last seen awaiting release to Microsoft employees. Ever since last year, when Microsoft announced that they would be releasing a brand new OS, Verizon seemed a little skittish, and rightly so. They had previously taken a huge gamble on a very unproven platform from Microsoft, a la KIN family. That gamble, which included weird, hipster marketing, and horrendous data plan costs led the platform nowhere. Fast forward to the anticipated Windows Phone 7 launch, with every other major US carrier announcing that they will be carry a Windows Phone 7 device except VZW, and it’s not hard to see how we end up with VZW trying to rid themselves of some unwanted merchandise.

What does all this mean? Well, it does not to mean that Verizon does not plan on carrying a Windows Phone device. We can know that because the have frankly stated that they are now interested in Windows Phone 7. Maybe, they are just waiting for the NoDo update to work itself out. Maybe, they are working with Microsoft to land a next generation Windows Phone 7 device. All I know, is that I have been patiently awaiting a Windows Phone 7 device on VZW for too long. Who’s with me?


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