Google Picks Kansas City for Fiber Network

Well I must admit that I am saddened by this news, as I was hoping that it would make its way down here to Greensboro, NC. Since it has not, I guess I can be excited by the fact that someone gets to test this out as an alternative to the current mess, which is cable and phone companies controlling internet.

The network that Google will be launching will be a 1Gbps at an affordable price. Hopefully, this trial will turn into a new player in the land that “no one” owns. I think that this move is good for Google. It needs something to run those Google TV’s and Chrome netbooks on, and what better than a fiber network. If testing goes well, Google might expand it to more cities and eventually become what cable  and satellite companies don’t want, new competition.

From search to smartphones, tablets to TV, now onto an ISP, Google is setting up to be the company to keep an eye on.


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