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Timex and Qualcomm Untether the Smartwatch

August 7, 2014



In the rapidly expanding category of smartwatches continues to grow, a season veteran in traditional time pieces has joined the foray. Timex has partnered with mobile technology veterans Qualcomm to produce their first smartwatch. The Timex Ironman ONE GPS+ offers wireless connectivity without a smartphone. Here are the features offered by the Ironman One GPS+: […]

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Curve Ahead – LG G Flex Review (AT&T)

May 23, 2014


LG G Flex

So LG has a pretty good thing going with its G line of smartphones, and one of those is the LG G Flex, which I’ll just call the Flex from now on. The flex stands out from its fellow G phones by having a curve in the screen. Let’s dive a little bit deeper.   […]

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Change at Microsoft – SkyDrive is OneDrive

February 19, 2014



Microsoft has been definitely embracing the cloud and it’s many different benefits. One of their services SkyDrive, has been rebranded to OneDrive, due to legal issues. OneDrive allows you to create and edit files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, & OneNote) from anywhere via the cloud. The new addition to OneDrive is auto camera backup, which is […]

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