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LG G Flex May 23, 2014

Change at Microsoft – SkyDrive is OneDrive

February 19, 2014



Microsoft has been definitely embracing the cloud and it’s many different benefits. One of their services SkyDrive, has been rebranded to OneDrive, due to legal issues. OneDrive allows you to create and edit files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, & OneNote) from anywhere via the cloud. The new addition to OneDrive is auto camera backup, which is […]

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Leaked New Look of Samsung Galaxy S5 UI (Rumor)

January 20, 2014



It should come as no surprise that Samsung is  prepping the release of their annual star, the Galaxy S line of smartphones, with the next one coming the Samsung Galaxy S5. As with any release, months ahead of any highly anticipated device, we start getting leaks of what new devices will either look like, whether […]

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T-Mobile’s New Play for Wireless Supremacy

January 9, 2014


T-Mobile Press Event - Un-carrier 4.0

So here’s some of the biggest news so far at CES, given by CEO John Legere during the T-Mobile keynote when he announced that T-Mo would pay the ETF (early termination fee) for people to switch to their network. Here’s the back story, T-Mobile has been on the warpath recently about how the wireless industry needs to […]

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